Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Week 3 - Ice Blocks

ICE BLOCKS!Image result for ice block juices

Every year, the year 7/8s are given different leadership opportunities. The choices this term are Selling Ice Blocks, Staff Tuck Shop, Welcoming Visitors/Visitor Tour Guide, Assembly Usshers, Leading ASsembly, Working Digitals tools at Assembly, Wheels Day Stall Leader and Changing Spaces. Leadership opportunities is basically about letting the year 7/8s having a go at helping the school and being a real role model/leader at school.

This week some learners started selling Ice Blocks. It used to be on a Tuesday , but now we changed it to every Wednesday, still at lunchtime. But we don’t do it for the whole year, it is only in Term One and Term Four because those two terms are the sunniest terms and everyone would want an ice block on a scorching day, right? Besides, we fundraise heaps of money from it.

We are doing the leadership opportunities is also because it’s one way to fundraise for the year 7/8 . Not all the leadership choices, can be for fundraising, but some can, especially selling the ice blocks and most of the money comes to the intermediates. So we can do heaps of fun things with it, for example, going on camps, going on lots of hub trips, etc.

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