Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Luca and Hunter’s Camp at School Blog Post

This year the learners in hub 3 have been planning to go on a at school camp on February the 30th to February the 31st, we are doing this so we can deepen our friendship and strengthen our collaboration skills with each other. We have been planning this over the last 5 weeks in different groups, the reporters group (us), the food group, the resources group, the timetable group, the communication group,  the locations group, the campsite group, the activities group, the finance group and the grouping group. We have encountered many challenges and problems over the way and have come close to canceling the experience. We have worked hard and hope that our planning becomes a success. In this piece of writing we will take you with us on our learning journey.

The finances group has been going around asking groups how much money each they will need and why? Some learners have been fundraising money by selling ice blocks at lunch but they have only raised about $360 which is hardly enough to fund the camp, the food group needs about $400 just for one dinner, the finances group will need to get a loan from the school which isn’t what we wanted. We will need to pay the school loan that they gave us over time, we will probably make this money by selling ice blocks again.
-Elijah vaealiki & Dylan Kumarasiri

The campsite groups job is to find out where the tents are going to go and how many will need, At the moment the campsite group thinks we should put the tents in front of the mound next to the sandpit. The school own’s 14 tents, and the campsite group is also asking people if they have any tents we could lend at the camp. But they aren’t sure who will be setting up the tents.
-Thomas Coster

The groupings group has to make all the groups we are going to be in at camp. They finalized making the activity groups, they have also finished the sleeping groups and the job groups, that includes setting up and packing up lunch and dinner. But they might need to change some of the sleeping groups because if they get more tents the groups will get smaller or bigger.
-Kaea Marsh

Feb 28, 2017 10:29:20 AM.jpg
The location group has been working on transport and they have been asking themselves questions. For example, If we do an activity how long will we go to the activity for? Like Gravity, as an option. Also, will we even need transport, because we might not even go somewhere far and the furthest place we might go could be the wetlands which is walking distance.

-Serena Zhang & Emily Brady

The communication group has been sending emails to parents for permission so we can come to the camp, also they have been sending emails to Mrs Martin to get permissions for the camping experience, they have also been sending out forms to find out information like if you have any allergies.
-Harry Melhuish
The activities group decide to split into smaller groups we interviewed the creative activity group they are currently organizing sketching, sculpting and balloons. Which will be held on the day of the camping experience, there are other groups in the activities group organizing certain aspects of the activities for example there is mental and physical to they are all organizing a different activity.
-James Dondeang

The reporters group has been documenting the process of the camping planning in all the other groups, We are creating blog posts, articles and movies. They are also going to be recording during the camping experience Cooper, Charlotte and Amanaki are creating a movie, Hunter and Luca are creating a blog post whilst Michael and Bar are writing an article.
-Hunter McPherson and Luca Vietri
The food group needs to prepare, make and serve, they are also finding out where to get the cheap food. They are going to call Pak'n'Save to find out how much the food is because there website doesn't say the price online. They are thinking everyone should bring their own cutlery to the camp to save money. They have been talking to the finance group to see how much money they can spend of food for everyone.
-Isaiah Nin

The timetable group has a very important job they need to find out when what is going to happen, they have finished the whole time table for the at school camp. It took them about a week and a half
to finish the whole thing, they mostly planned out the timetable together but sometimes they broke up into smaller groups. But at the moment they are making their backup timetable.

-Nadav Amir

And last but not least, the resources group. The resources group job is to make sure on the day we have everything we will need when we need it, they have been talking with the activity, finance, timetable and food group to see want they will need on the day. But they have finished finding out all the resources everyone will need.
-Mary Laurenson

And that's it so far!

By Luca V and Hunter M


  1. Wow! How lucky we are to be one of your quad blogging buddy classes! We are Room 10, Tāmaki Primary and we are so impressed with the way you are taking ownership of the organisation of your camp! That is really inspiring to see how other Year 7s and 8s in our community are growing their leadership skills. Did you get to choose your own groups? All the best for the rest of your camp organisation!

    1. Hi Miss Kyla... yes we did get to choose our own groups!

      Thank you so much for that wonderful comment Me and Mary enjoyed reading it we will be sure to tell Hunter + Luca

  2. Wow that is a lot of writing and keep it up you guys are such good writers and never stop!