Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Week 3 - Breakthrough

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Hub 3 are starting to build knowledge and collaborate as a team as they start their fun Breakthrough adventure. Many learners have thought of extraordinary ideas like Magnificent Mountain Biking, Spectacular Science Experiment, Marvellous Minecraft and also Fun Film Making. There has been tons of learning bubbling around the hub, breakthrough is also a time for the year 7’s to get to know the basics of the intermediate breakthrough level. We will need to use the learning process and the learner qualities to get us out of the Learning Pit when we are stuck.

Breakthrough is a bit about your passions, gifts and purpose. But it’s not just all about passions, it is also about learning what other people’s passions are. It is also an opportunity for learners to work with others that they have never worked with before and that might share the same interests. We will also be able to learn about other’s strengths, weaknesses and what they are really capable of doing.

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My Breakthrough this term and maybe a bit of next term is about Minecraft. The people in my group are Madisyn, Sophie, Curie, Isabelle and myself. (Valery) We are doing Minecraft because we want to learn more about it and also working with a few people we have never worked with before. We are building Stonefields School in Minecraft and also creating a hunger game within the school. This will be challenging for all of us because our school is quite big and it will take us a long time to build the whole thing. That’s why it might go into a bit of next term as well.

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